Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The Waste Not Skirt

Another scrap-busting project this week! After the success of my Roses Are Red Dress, I decided to make a Georgia skirt! This was mainly because I had a bit of the fabric left over, and figured it would be better to use it up while I had it out than to put it back in the stash. I think once I have used a fabric, I tend not to want to use it again, even if there is plenty left over. My mentality is that I want to try something different each time! I decided to just go ahead and try to use up a bit more of this fabric while I was feeling motivated!

The details:
Fabric: A rose print stretch cotton from Spotlight
Pattern: Georgia dress
Size: Originally 8 in the waist, 10 in the hips, altered as noted in the Roses Are Red Dress post
Special touches and alterations: Cut off the pattern at the waist to make skirt, and made a straight waistband facing.
I don't know if it's odd to have a skirt and dress from the same pattern and in the same fabric, but I figured that while I loved the dress, the skirt would be something a bit more casual that I could wear more frequently (but see the end of the post for how that worked out!).
I started by taking the pattern pieces I had cut out for the original dress I made, and cutting them straight across at the waist. I also measured the amount I had taken in the original dress (as I had fitted it to my body), and adjusted the pattern pieces for the skirt accordingly. Once I had sewed up the skirt, I made some more adjustments by taking in seams here and there until I got the look I was after.
While I could get the Roses Are red Dress on without a zipper, I could only get it on over my head, and I didn't really want to have to put the skirt on over my head! I inserted the zipper I had bought to put in the dress in the side seam. It is longer than necessary, but it does the job. I also added a straight waistband, and boom, my skirt was done! It was a quick and easy project in the end.
The funny thing was, although I was really excited to make the skirt, and I thought it would be more wearable than the dress, I haven't worn it in real life yet, despite wearing the dress multiple times! I will have to play around with some different styling and see if I can make it feel more "me", as I don't really wear printed skirts generally. I think I had a similar problem with my Blueberry Meringue. Maybe I should steer clear of printed skirts in the future!

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Sheer Genius Set

One of the great things about sewing lingerie is that it only uses small pieces of fabric, so it can be a great way of using up scraps (as long as the fabric is suitable for said lingerie!). When I finished up the Late Bloomer Dress I had a few large scraps left over of the floral knit. While it doesn't have great stretch or recovery, I thought it would work well as the "non-stretch" contrast for the Bambi and Grace set, which is designed to combine a stretch fabric with a non-stretch fabric. I decided to pair it with some stretch mesh, to make up this little set. I love the contrast between the cozy floral knit and the sexy sheer mesh!

The details:
Fabric: A black floral knit scored from an op-shop (left over from the Late Bloomer Dress) and stretch mesh from Booby Traps
Notions: Elastics and strapping from Booby Traps, rings and sliders from sewingcraftnotions on Etsy
Pattern: Bambi bralette and Grace briefs by Ohhh Lulu
Size: S in the Bambi, M in the Grace
Special touches and alterations: None

I made my usual size for Ohhh Lulu, being an S in the Bambi and an M in the Grace. The fit was fine, but I would make the cups a little higher/taller next time if I were to make the Bambi again, as they are quite short. I also found that with the poor recovery my fabric had, I get a bit of droopy bottom syndrome at the back of the Grace. While the instructions say you can use a non-stretch fabric for this part, I would make sure the fabric isn't prone to stretching out, and has enough drape to contour to your body in this region.
The set came together easily. Another great pattern from Ohhh Lulu! As usual, I used gold rings and sliders on the bra straps, as I order them in bulk from sewingcraftnotions on Etsy. I think the gold hardware really elevates the look, and it goes with everything, no need to hunt for matching rings and sliders or to dye them! I bought around 100 of each and intend to use them for the rest of my bra-making days.
Now I can feel like a super sneaky matchy-matcher by wearing my Late Bloomer Dress with this set! Hehehe.... I wish I had matching underwear sets for ALL of my outfits!

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

The Roses Are Red Dress

A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! After a week off, I am back with an oldie but a goodie - this dress has been sitting in my "to blog" list for a while now! I made it a few years ago now, when my partner and I got invited to a wedding of one of his friends. I was envisaging making something something floaty and full skirted to wear, but when I asked my partner's opinion, he said he was thinking something more 'sleek' and fitted... well, I had seen some great Georgia dresses made up by fellow bloggers, so I decided to try out the pattern.

The details:
Fabric: A rose print stretch cotton from Spotlight
Pattern: Georgia dress by By Hand London
Size: 6 at bust, 8 at waist and 10 at hips
Special touches and alterations: I cut the skinny strap and longer skirt variation, and ended up shortening the straps a little. I took in the dress by 5cm at each side seams from the waist to the hem, and 2cm off the back seams at the waist. I was also able to eliminate the zip due to the stretchy fabric I was using.

I was happy to find that this was one of the few By Hand London patterns available as a download at the time... cheaper pattern for me, and quick delivery! Since I bought this, they have introduced many more pdf patterns to their shop. The sticking together of the pieces of a pdf pattern is time consuming, but it's about equals to the time I would otherwise take to trace a printed pattern, so I figure it all balances out! The dress came together pretty easily. The hardest part of it was the pointy front section, and I'm afraid I sort of gave up on that part.... so it's not perfect. But the seam lines are hidden by the busy print of the fabric so I don't think it is super noticeable.
I wanted to get a nice close fit on this dress, so I kept trying it on, pinning bits in, and sewing them until I got the result I wanted. The paneled skirt made this step easier, as I could really take the excess from the right area. I ended up taking the most from the middle back, to account for my sway back, and through the width of the skirt. Next time I would probably go for a smaller size in waist and skirt, although the fit might be quite different in a less stretchy fabric. However, with the fabric I used, despite the amount I had taken the dress in, I was able to omit the zipper, I can just pull the dress on over my head! I wore the dress to the wedding and had a great time eating and dancing.
I like the retro-style of the dress, and wore it again to a Christmas party at my dance studio, and later to my 10 year high school reunion! A lot of my makes are created to cater for a specific event, but this is one I have successfully worn many times already, and is sure to be worn many more times yet.