Sunday, 31 July 2011

Rīgas Modes fashion magazine - 1975

My mum recently spent a while in Latvia visiting her parents, and helping them clean out my great-grandmother's attic. While there, she happened to come across a fashion magazine from 1975 Soviet Latvia, with the dress patterns still stapled to the middle, and she brought it back for me! While some of the styling is.....interesting to say the least (check out the front cover!) some of the images, especially the illustrations, really appeal to me. So here is a collection of a few images I hope you will enjoy! Each of the outfits is numbered, and where the number is circled, it means the pattern for that outfit is included in the magazine. Scroll to the bottom to see a sample of what the pattern sheet looks like - quite hard to follow! Also, interestingly, there appear to be no instructions!! So, I guess I will wait until I have a bit more experience before trying some of these patterns! :)

Here is the cover. The title is in Latvian, with the Russian translation underneath, and the rest of the magazine is in Russian. Rīgas Modes means "Riga's Fashions." Riga is the capital of Latvia, and is where I was born!

This is one of the illustrations the magazine contains. I love all the jackets!

Another, very colourful illustration! The title on this page translates to "Outfits for every day."

This spread is part of the "Outfits for every day" feature. The hairstyles and hats are quite cute!

This page is an advertisement for a Polish clothing company, so none of these outfits are inluded in the pattern sheet. Unfortunate, as I love the red coat with the pleats on the back on the top of the right page!

The title of the following page reads "From black and white material." Each of the dresses here feature removable collars and cuffs, and there is an instruction sheet further on that tells you how to make them (the only set of instructions I could find in the whole magazine!)

This is my favourite set of pages in the whole magazine. Isn't the illustration beautiful? The dresses aren't what I would usually associate with 70's fashion!

And, if I decide to endeavour to create one of these outfits, here is what I will have to deal with! Quite a lot busier than the pattern sheets I am used to dealing with! 

I find it interesting that most of the pictures do depict items that look "70's," even though my ideas of 70's fashion come from the fashions in America at that time, and this would have been published during the Cold War when limited information was coming into the USSR from America and other Western countries. I wonder how the fashions came to develop along such similar lines, or whether there were a few sneaky seamstresses smuggling in fashion magazines from overseas for inspiration?

Friday, 29 July 2011

The Pleated Full Skirt

Remember this skirt? Well, without further ado:

Tada!! I finally got around to making it.

Fabric: Striped cotton poplin from Spotlight, $3.50/metre.
Pattern: Tucked full skirt from Handmade magazine
Year: 1988
Notions: Zipper from op-shop, $0.25
Total cost: ~$7

Changes made: I decided to only do 2 tucks on the front panel instead of 5, although I'm sure it would look nicer with more, as well! It was just that for some reason I imagined that it had a flatter front than the instructions suggested.
Changes I should have made: No major ones! Maybe I would make the waist not as high the next time, but I like the empire style it creates.

I am quite happy with how it turned out in general, and while I am intending on wearing it with tights and boots for the remainder of winter, I am looking forward to wearing it this coming spring. Oh, yes, don't let the pictures deceive you, it is still pretty cold here in Melbourne! So I will leave you with a more realistic idea of how I will be wearing the skirt in the coming weeks:

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Project Planning - Pleated full skirt

This is the skirt I am planning to sew next, as it appears in the S/S 1988 edition of the Australian Women's Weekly "Handmade" magazine:

My mum has a few of these old magazines, and a few of them contain some pretty patterns - whenever I visit, I take copies of the patterns that catch my eye. In fact, the last skirt I made was from the same magazine (I'll be posting pictures of it sometime soon!).

So back to this pattern - they call it the "Roses - Heaven Scent" tucked full skirt. I have decided to make it in a striped version, as I noticed that striped pleated skirts keep catching my eye:

Source: Anne M Cramer
Source: etsy
Source: etsy
Here is the fabric I am planning on using, along with a zip and the photocopied pattern:

It is not much of a pattern - really more of an instruction sheet, since it is really just 2 rectangular pieces of fabric. Hopefully it should be pretty easy to put together... as soon as I can get around to it, that is! Although I love the idea of sewing, and I love the finished result, and (most of the time) I enjoy the process of sewing, I find it takes a lot of time to get me going. Once I start, though, I can't wait to finish, and will usually not stop until I get it done!

How do you motivate yourself to start your next sewing project?