Sunday, 17 July 2011

Project Planning - Pleated full skirt

This is the skirt I am planning to sew next, as it appears in the S/S 1988 edition of the Australian Women's Weekly "Handmade" magazine:

My mum has a few of these old magazines, and a few of them contain some pretty patterns - whenever I visit, I take copies of the patterns that catch my eye. In fact, the last skirt I made was from the same magazine (I'll be posting pictures of it sometime soon!).

So back to this pattern - they call it the "Roses - Heaven Scent" tucked full skirt. I have decided to make it in a striped version, as I noticed that striped pleated skirts keep catching my eye:

Source: Anne M Cramer
Source: etsy
Source: etsy
Here is the fabric I am planning on using, along with a zip and the photocopied pattern:

It is not much of a pattern - really more of an instruction sheet, since it is really just 2 rectangular pieces of fabric. Hopefully it should be pretty easy to put together... as soon as I can get around to it, that is! Although I love the idea of sewing, and I love the finished result, and (most of the time) I enjoy the process of sewing, I find it takes a lot of time to get me going. Once I start, though, I can't wait to finish, and will usually not stop until I get it done!

How do you motivate yourself to start your next sewing project?

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