Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Patchwork Apron

Quite a while ago, I don't remember exactly when, I was helping mum sort through her cupboards and came across her fabric collection, including some fabric scraps and pieces not big enough for anything substantial. It got me thinking about patchwork, and for some reason I got it into my head that I wanted to make a patchwork apron. I came up with a design, drafted a pattern of sorts, and got to it! Considering this was the first sewn item I ever made by myself (excluding high school home-ec) I think I did a pretty good job (though I won't show any close-ups)!

The bodice part is made up of 4 squares, and the skirt is made up of 4 rows of squares, sewn into strips and gathered (if anyone is interested, I could post a tutorial). I used a rotary cutter and mum's ruled cutting board to cut all the squares out, which made it quite easy! 

Here I have the straps crossed over in the back, but the straps themselves aren't sewn to the waist ties - the bottom of each strap is just a loop that the waist tie can be threaded through. Due to this, you can wear the straps as I am demonstrating, or as straight straps, or as a halter neck!

What is the first garment or item you remember independently sewing or otherwise crafting?

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  1. When I was backpacking in Canada I was so very, very strapped for cash I couldn't buy any new clothing. I had picked up a few kooky printed pillowslips on a housewarming thrift store trip. I stayed up all night one evening handsewing one into a halter. Before that I'd only done 't-shirt surgery' type projects that were largely disastrous. I thought my halter looked awfully home-made but everyone asked me where I bought it, so I guess I pulled it off!

    Your apron also looks really well done, I'll bet there's a few like that at the markets or on etsy with pretty cheeky price tags!