Monday, 1 August 2011

Nifty Thrifts - Fabrics and a pattern!

While overseas recently, my mum brought me back a few Burda magazines, in Russian! I decided to try to tackle one of the jackets, and wanted to make it in a bright purple colour. I went to the Spotlight in my parent's home town while I was visiting, but didn't find anything that was just right, and a further look through some shops in Melbourne still didn't help. However, on a recent thrifting trip, I happened to find a fabric in just the colour I wanted, and of the right weight, too! I just hope there's enough - the pattern asks for 2m of a 1.3m wide material, and I haven't measured it, but hopefully it will just squeeze in!! I picked up a few other fabrics, too, each of them is about 2m long, and they cost me $3 total:

The one on the very left is the one I want to use for the jacket. Second from the left is an almost denim-like material, which I am thinking of using for a skirt, with shaped pockets like in Casey's tutorial. Maybe I will get it done in time to be part of the Sew Weekly challenge this week - western! The next one along is a synthetic of some sorts, quite light. Maybe I will try making my first top out of that one? I have been wanting to try Colette's Sorbetto pattern, so this might be just the thing for that fabric! The 4th fabric is another synthetic, also quite light and a bit see-through, not sure what will come out of that one... and the last fabric, the pinkish one, is some sort of shiny linen-like fabric! Not sure how else to describe it, or what I'm going to do with it yet, either!

I also picked up this pattern, the Simplicity 8249 from 1978:

Now I have a few more sewing plans for the future! And stay tuned for some of my sewing projects from the past that I will be sharing later this week!

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