Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Project Planning - Seventies dress

The theme for the Sew Weekly challenge this week is 70's! This is good news for me, as most of the patterns I own are from the 70's, 80's and 90's (since I try to buy them for 50c each or less, and these are the ones that end up in the op-shops around my area!). I decided I wanted to try to make my first dress, but I also wanted it to be quite simple. I settled on Simplicity 6672, that I recently bought in Canberra.

Source: Vintage Pattern Wiki
I think I will make the short version, but without the sleeves - I'm trying to tackle just a few new skills with each project, and I might leave sleeves until another time!

As for fabric, I wanted something with a 70's feel that would still be wearable today, and that wouldn't be too hard to sew with. I think I might try it with this fabric that I picked up at an op-shop a few weeks ago:

The only thing is when I tried laying the pattern pieces out, they didn't quite fit on the fabric... They did seem quite long though, so I think I could shorten the dress and make it fit!
I was excited to discover that Peter from Male Pattern Boldness has used this pattern to make a dress for his identical cousin Cathy! I can only hope I will look as good in mine :)

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  1. That will be lovely! Can't wait to see it on Sew Weekly.