Monday, 12 September 2011

Project Planning...

I haven't been participating in the Sew Weekly challenges for the past few weeks - have been super busy, and haven't felt that inspired by them, either. Next week's challenge is "Fall Colour Palette," and even though it is (technically) spring over here, I think I like fall colours more than the typical spring colours. I have a few projects I am thinking of trying, all of which I think may fall into the fall/autumn colour zone. At the same time, I don't really think about the season's colours when I dress, and especially with Melbourne's unpredictable weather, I am sure to get plenty of wear out of them throughout spring, and summer too!!

Here is the project I have been planning for the longest time, it is a jacket from one of the more recent Burda magazines:

Source: BurdaStyle

I have even traced out the pattern pieces, and I know I want to make it out of this fabric:

With a little photoshop magic, I imagine it will look a little like this:
There are 2 issues that make me reluctant to start this project. Firstly, I've never made anything with sleeves yet. I'm not super scared of them, and hope to make my first sleeved item soon, but secondly, the magazine I have is in Russian. I do read in Russian (slowly), but for my first sleeved item I would at least like to make sure I definitely understand the instructions!!

So, there is also this option, Simplicity 8249, in this blue leafy fabric:

This also has sleeves, but at least it is in English! It also has a collar, which I have never done before either, and buttons, which I have attempted with only a little success. And as you can probably see, the fabric is quite see-through and will need to be lined. So... it will depend on if I am feeling adventurous! 

If, as I suspect, I decide to just go with something simple, I think I will go with this, Butterick 6730, probably in view B:

It even says "Fast & Easy!"   I actually love the styling in this - the obi belts, and those shoes on B! I would love to make a matching obi-style belt!I am thinking of using this maroon polka dot fabric for the dress:

Not sure what colour to make the belt in though... 

Which of these projects do you like the best? Are you participating in next week's Sew Weekly fall palette challenge?

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