Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Burdastyle Sewing Handbook

I am still waiting on both of my newly ordered sewing handbooks to arrive, but while I wait, I have developed a few more clothing sketches, this time based on the designs in the Burdastyle Sewing Handbook! 

So here they are (once again, crudely coloured in!!)

Burdastyle Skirt
 The skirt! It is amazing how it is quite similar of the meringue, with the scalloped hem. It is even more similar to the "pavlova," given the straight hem layer underneath! I am looking forward to making this skirt, I like that it has a bit of volume to it!

Burdastyle Blouse
The blouse I'm not so sure about. With the flounce hitting around the hip region, it may be a little unflattering on me... but I think it may look less dumpy worn with shorts or skinny jeans, and not a skirt like my croquis is wearing!

Burdastyle Dress
I love the dress! I love the collar and the cutout, and the little pleated ruffle at the hem. Was worried that the collar would make my shoulders look big, but I think looking at pictures it is not so large as to have that effect!

Burdastyle Coat
Hmmm..... Not sure about this one. I have never really had a coat with such a straight skirt (though maybe I exaggerated it's shape in my drawing a bit!!) I do love the sleeves and collar though, so I could even shorten it if I decide I don't like the lower portion.

So that's that! Except that the book includes pictures of dozens of variations of the garments, so who knows what great alterations I might come up with!!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Colette Sewing Handbook

I finally did it - I ordered the Colette Sewing Handbook last night, along with the Burdastyle Sewing Handbook and a pack of Derwent pencils :D

To celebrate, I dressed my croquis in all the patterns that come with the book:
(Excuse the dodgy photoshop colouring, I wanted to brighten them up a bit but am waiting on my coloured pencils to arrive :P)

Colette's Meringue Skirt
The meringue skirt is probably the pattern I am least drawn to from the book. Like some others have said, it has the tendency to look cartoon-ish. However, I'm willing to give it a go, and have been thinking of ways I could alter it to make it fit more into my style. My favourite option is to convert it inot a "Pavlova," as poppykettle is attempting to do. However, I'll probably try it in a more original form to begin with...

Colette's Taffy Blouse

I quite like the Taffy blouse. Although I have large shoulders, I don't mind the large sleeves as they balance out my hips. I'd like to make it up in a thin and drapey cotton of some sort (does this even exist?).

Colette's Pastille Dress
The pastille is great, too! Although I would omit the bow on the neckline (reminds me of underwear for some reason..). This could be nice in a wool or some sort of suiting material for winter, as well as in cotton for summer.

Colette's Truffle Dress
The truffle is probably my favourite pattern in the book! I'm imagining a solid satin with a lace overlay for the top, then the skirt in just the satin with the skirt overlay in just the lace... :D

Colette's Licorice Dress
The licorice is another tough one for me to imagine actually wearing, but I didn't mind the polka-dot version in the book, maybe that is the way to go! Or I may even shorten it and make it a blouse or tunic!

I realise I have to work on drawing hands, feet, faces, drapey fabrics... well, let's just say I have to work on my drawing in general! But I am happy to have been able to quickly sketch up these designs and to have an idea of how they will look on my body!

Now, onto drawing the Burdastyle Handbook patterns...

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


You know those cool fashion drawings you can draw clothes straight on to? Well, I made one!!

My croquis, front and back

The blogging world seems to be flooded with them now, thanks to Colette's Sewing Handbook, which recommends you make one to try possible patterns on, to see what suits you. I first heard about it on a Sew Weekly forum (I haven't bought the book yet myself, though I intend to!!). Doing a quick Google search, I found dozens of pages of them, and it really inspired me! I especially like what Michaela from Polka Dot Overload has done with hers, there's a neat video tutorial too!!

I made mine by printing off a photo of myself, tracing it, then scanning and cleaning up my traced version. I intend to use it to see what clothing styles would suit my body, so I made it as true to life as possible. However, knowing it could be quite unflattering, I put myself in high heels to make it a bit more flattering :) Will have to remember to take this into account when considering designs though!!

I printed one off, intending to use it to put pieces of paper on top of to trace clothes onto. Then I remembered this tutorial, and went on to lighten the image until almost invisible, and printed off several more copies. Now I can see the croquis lines, but I should be able to colour over them when I draw the clothes on top!

See the feint croquis prints on the left?

Additionally, I printed another one off and drew balance lines on it at my waist, hips, etc. On the back of this, I set out my various measurements (you can see the part of me they refer to thanks to the croquis just being visible through the paper on the other side!)

Front and back of my "additional details" croquis

I can't wait to start playing around! It reminds me of playing with paper dolls, or the fashion design class I took in year 9! I'm off to but a pack of coloured pencils tomorrow :D

Have you jumped on the croquis bandwagon?