Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Burdastyle Sewing Handbook

I am still waiting on both of my newly ordered sewing handbooks to arrive, but while I wait, I have developed a few more clothing sketches, this time based on the designs in the Burdastyle Sewing Handbook! 

So here they are (once again, crudely coloured in!!)

Burdastyle Skirt
 The skirt! It is amazing how it is quite similar of the meringue, with the scalloped hem. It is even more similar to the "pavlova," given the straight hem layer underneath! I am looking forward to making this skirt, I like that it has a bit of volume to it!

Burdastyle Blouse
The blouse I'm not so sure about. With the flounce hitting around the hip region, it may be a little unflattering on me... but I think it may look less dumpy worn with shorts or skinny jeans, and not a skirt like my croquis is wearing!

Burdastyle Dress
I love the dress! I love the collar and the cutout, and the little pleated ruffle at the hem. Was worried that the collar would make my shoulders look big, but I think looking at pictures it is not so large as to have that effect!

Burdastyle Coat
Hmmm..... Not sure about this one. I have never really had a coat with such a straight skirt (though maybe I exaggerated it's shape in my drawing a bit!!) I do love the sleeves and collar though, so I could even shorten it if I decide I don't like the lower portion.

So that's that! Except that the book includes pictures of dozens of variations of the garments, so who knows what great alterations I might come up with!!

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