Thursday, 26 January 2012

Colette Sewing Handbook

I finally did it - I ordered the Colette Sewing Handbook last night, along with the Burdastyle Sewing Handbook and a pack of Derwent pencils :D

To celebrate, I dressed my croquis in all the patterns that come with the book:
(Excuse the dodgy photoshop colouring, I wanted to brighten them up a bit but am waiting on my coloured pencils to arrive :P)

Colette's Meringue Skirt
The meringue skirt is probably the pattern I am least drawn to from the book. Like some others have said, it has the tendency to look cartoon-ish. However, I'm willing to give it a go, and have been thinking of ways I could alter it to make it fit more into my style. My favourite option is to convert it inot a "Pavlova," as poppykettle is attempting to do. However, I'll probably try it in a more original form to begin with...

Colette's Taffy Blouse

I quite like the Taffy blouse. Although I have large shoulders, I don't mind the large sleeves as they balance out my hips. I'd like to make it up in a thin and drapey cotton of some sort (does this even exist?).

Colette's Pastille Dress
The pastille is great, too! Although I would omit the bow on the neckline (reminds me of underwear for some reason..). This could be nice in a wool or some sort of suiting material for winter, as well as in cotton for summer.

Colette's Truffle Dress
The truffle is probably my favourite pattern in the book! I'm imagining a solid satin with a lace overlay for the top, then the skirt in just the satin with the skirt overlay in just the lace... :D

Colette's Licorice Dress
The licorice is another tough one for me to imagine actually wearing, but I didn't mind the polka-dot version in the book, maybe that is the way to go! Or I may even shorten it and make it a blouse or tunic!

I realise I have to work on drawing hands, feet, faces, drapey fabrics... well, let's just say I have to work on my drawing in general! But I am happy to have been able to quickly sketch up these designs and to have an idea of how they will look on my body!

Now, onto drawing the Burdastyle Handbook patterns...

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