Thursday, 9 February 2012

Sew Grateful Week

Have you heard what Debi is doing over at My Happy Sewing Place? If not, you should get over there and check it out right now! There are giveaways, tutorials, patterns, and all sorts of things going on, in a way to say thank-you to the blogging community as a whole! It's all a part of Sew Grateful Week :)

If it wasn't for online resources, I wouldn't be sewing myself! (Not that I seem to be doing much sewing recently...) There are so many great free patterns and tutorials out there, not to mention all the wonderful people willing to give you a hand if you ask. So far in my short sewing life, I have:

  • Used Casey's tutorial for shaped pockets on a skirt
  • Made a Sorbetto top from a free pattern
  • Won some awesome leopard print chiffon from Suzy Sewing
  • Won a bunch of goodies from All the Whimsical Things (Including some green dye that I put to use recently... results will be posted tomorrow!)
  • Made a croquis after being inspired by a whole bunch of brave bloggers!

And that list doesn't include all the wonderful things I'm planning to make! A frock by friday, Casey's circle skirt and sundress tutorials, Gertie's gathered skirt tutorial... the list goes on. I only wish I had more time to appreciate all these amazing resources!!!

But for now I'm off to do a form of the less enjoyable sewing (to me anyway!) - I'm hemming curtains. 4 giant velvet curtains. Wish me luck!

What are you Sew Grateful for this week?

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Your Style Rocks!

Have you heard of

Basically, they run a competition every month or so, to design an item of clothing. The winning design gets published as a free pattern! Have a look here for the patterns that have already been released.

I decided with my new croquis that I should enter this month! The challenge is "Wardrobe essentials," so I made a simple pleated dress that can be made to suit any occasion, depending on fabric choice. I think made up in a navy cotton, you could wear it anywhere!

Vote here for this design

You can see all the designs for the challenge here. If you see one you would like to see get released as a free pattern, please vote for it! Or if you don't see anything you like, why not submit a design yourself?