Friday, 16 March 2012

My Sewing Circle

Everyone has heard of My Sewing Circle by now, right?

It is basically a sewing community similar to Burdastyle, but more flexible - you can upload your fabric and pattern stashes, and use it to plan projects, as well as display completed ones. I made myself a page, and am about halfway into upload pictures of my fabric stash. Another website to distract me from doing any actual sewing! :P
I have also put in a few planned projects, and I think I'm really liking the concept of this site. They just need to iron out a few kinks, but I'm sure it will get better as it gets more popular!

In other news, thanks to Rhonda for showcasing my blog! I am by no means an accomplished pianist though - my husband is the one that plays!!

And have I been doing any sewing? Well, I hemmed 4 giant maroon velvet curtains, and helped my brother make a giant banner for his hall of residence.... and I am halfway through my polka-dot maroon dress... still! Haha. I do intend to finish it shortly though, and then hopefully whip up something for the Sew Weekly Pantone challange... maybe using this (Hello Kitty ruler for scale!):

I think that looks like some Sweet Lilac, Margarita and Starfish, don't you??

And don't be jealous, but I totally have a fabric in Tangerine Tango....


  1. Regardless of whether or not you play, you are still incredible! It was fun to go through your blog and see all of your wonderful creations.

  2. Wow, I used to have that same Hello Kitty ruler.

    I am checking out My Sewing Circle as we speak! I'm currently using Pinterest to organise some of my thoughts and inspiration aroung sewing and a google doc to keep track of my stash. It could be nice to have one tool! Can't wait to see your upcoming projects :)