Thursday, 5 April 2012

Spring Top Sew Along 2012!

Are you participating in the Spring Top Sew Along this year?

I just found out my "Autumn Parading" Top made it into the Top of the Tops this week! It is in great company with a whole bunch of other beautiful creations. There is plenty of time to enter for the following weeks, and I'm intending to enter a few more if I have the time! :) You can see all the creations and vote for your favourite here.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Lattice Smocking

I've been playing around with some fabric manipulation...... lattice smocking and pleating. What do you think?

What should I make it into? I was thinking a sorbetto, with the smocking running up the centre, but I'm not sure how to make the darts around all the pleats... any suggestions?

Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Autumn Parading Top

Wheeeeee, my first finished project for the year! (!!!!)
So much for my new year's resolution.....

This top was inspired by the Sew Weekly "Pantone Spring Colours" challenge. I call it the "Autumn Parading" top as it is actually autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere, but it is parading as spring recently, with the nice warm weather we are having! I used this tutorial from Freshly Given, and a scrap piece of fabric I found at the op-shop - possibly an old pillowcase or bedsheet!!

I was going to follow the tutorial to the letter... then I decided to do a square neckline, which I used some bias tape to finish. Then, while I was playing with the positions of the ties, I found the sides of the top gaped..... a lot! I toyed with the idea of just wearing it with a singlet underneath, but that sort of defeated the idea of this easy breezy lightweight top for me.... so I decided to sew up the sides! I think my problem was that the fabric was not very wide, so I didn't get as much of a wrap-effect as in the inspiration pictures, unless I pulled really tight! Anyway, I think it turned out alright. It is basically a square, the shaping is provided by tying the ties up.

The original top is shown tied at the front, like this:

I quite like this look, as I think the tie at the front provides some shaping, and the back lies fairly flat (when I'm not twisting around! see?)

But, I also played around with tying it at the back, like this:

Not back, eh? But the front is quite flat, and the back becomes quite blousy!

Finally, for your entertainment, here are some shots of me trying to be artistic with flower petals. I couldn't quite avoid hitting myself in the face with them though....