Monday, 17 September 2012

Patterns and Postcards Swap - Part 4!!

More patterns for swapping! Once again, see the rules here, and leave a comment if you are interested or need more info! This post is all about wardrobe patterns, or patterns that contain more than one type of garment:

Burda 3762 Swapped with Dashing Marmot

This 'couture' pattern contains a dress and jacket. It is complete, in factory folds, and contains sizes 6 - 18.

Simplicity 6273

This versatile pattern contains pants, shorts, a dress and a shirt. All the pieces are there, though it is cut, and it is in a size 8. 

Simplicity 5927 Swapped with Bohdana

This is a lovely 60's wardrobe pattern, and contains pieces to make the top, dress, blouse, and jacket pictured. It originally contained patterns for 2 skirts, but unfortunately these are missing. It is in a 34" bust.

Simplicity 2871

This poor pattern cover has been torn, see the original here, which includes a dress and coat. Unfortunately, because of the location of the tear, and that it is an unprinted pattern, I have been unable to figure out the size. It is also missing the pieces for the belt and sizing. However, if you are curious, I'll happily throw it in with any other swap-ables for you :)

Style 1296 Swapped with Nothy Lane

This pattern, for a jacket, blouse and skirt, is in factory folds, and is in a size 10.

Simplicity 7040

This 'how to sew' pattern for a dress/jumper and blouse, is in a size 14, and is cut but complete.

Butterick 3824

This pattern for a jacket, skirt, pants and shorts, is in factory folds, and includes sizes 8 - 12.

Still nothing you like? I have one more post to come!!


  1. Hi- Thanks for stopping by! I love the McCalls 3252 and Burda 3762 and will swap for it. :)

  2. Hi, I like Mccalls 4384, Style 1809 and Style 1296. I'll put the Burda in the mail as soon as you send me you're mailing address...if you're okay with the trade

    1. Hi! Looks like Style 1809 is already swapped, unfortunately, is there another pattern you would like instead? The other two are yours if you want to go ahead! Just send me your address to beatalaurenson [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll do the same!