Saturday, 1 September 2012

Weekly Review

The end of another busy week! It is getting to that time of year again, assignments and mid-semester tests are about to take over my life.... my eye is already twitching.... (I seriously get a twitchy eye when I'm tired, stressed, or have been staring at a screen for too long, does anyone else get that? Makes me feel like a crazy person!!)

This week I finally got around to posting my "Drive Me Dotty" dress, and have progressed on to working on my yet-to-be-named top, the polka-dot sorbetto with the smocking. I have basted the pleats in place, and printed out a new sorbetto pattern so I can draft the straps à la Casey's sundress. Then it's just a matter of cutting it out, sewing it up, and finding some seam binding to use! Hope to have more progress for you next week!

And now for some pieces that caught my eye this week:

See you next week, I'm busy taking photos of all my swap-able patterns and magazines, hope to share them with you soon!


  1. Your dress is just so lovely! I love it paired with the belt and the boots :) Thanks for the links - they are all fantastic!

  2. A twitching eye when you are stressed? You need vitamin A - and it's always better to eat it (leafy greens) but a good multivitamin for a week will also help.

    1. Really, vitamin A? I would never have thought of that! Will definitely try it :)