Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Up-To-Scratch Blouse

The Belcarra blouse by Sewaholic patterns was my next planned garment from my summer sewing list, and I finished sewing it late last week, and managed to wear it to work on Friday. This was the first thing I had made with my new sewing machine, which was pretty exciting!

As I had planned, I made this in a white synthetic crepe-y fabric. I almost didn't use this fabric, because it collected so much dust in the drier after I prewashed it from all the static electricity it generated! But I'm glad I forged ahead as I like the fabric now that it is made up, and the static has settled down. I just have to be careful what I wash it with!

The details:
Fabric: White crepe-like synthetic
Pattern: Sewaholic Belcarra blouse, view A with the view C cuffs
Size: Size 8

Special touches and alterations: Combined views A and C, lengthened by 2.5cm

The only issue I had was with the neckbinding, it was soooooo thin by the time I turned it in that topstiching it was quite difficult, especially as the fabric was fairly thick.... it was quite a bulky binding!! Regardless of the fabric I use, if I make this top again I think I will stitch the binding on with a smaller seam allowance, so there is more width to the binding to turn over and topstitch.

This is one of the first items I made for myself that I have stitched a label to! Pretty useful in this case, as it can be a little tricky to tell the front of the top from the back of the top! I got the labels from NinaTags on etsy, and I'm really happy with how they came out :)

Unfortunately, I was wearing this top when we went to pick up our new kitten, Agent Awesome, on Friday... and he may have put his claws into it a little, hence the title :( It is not too bad, just a couple pulled threads, but still pretty annoying! But he is SUPER super cute so I can't be mad :)

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