Thursday, 20 October 2016

The So-So Sorbetto

This is not my first Sorbetto, and not my worst Sorbetto, but still a so-so one in my books, mainly due to fabric choice and fit. However, it was the first of my foray into making more work tops, and has been worn to work, which makes it a success in my book!

It is, of course, made with the free Colette Sorbetto pattern that has been quite popular on the blogosphere for some time now. I made it in a berry coloured cotton of some sort from Spotlight, choosing to put the bias binding on the outside as a trim.

The details:
Fabric: Berry coloured cotton 
Pattern: Colette Sorbetto 
Size: 6
Special touches and alterations: Bias binding as a trim. Lengthened the bodice and lowered the darts slightly

My first sorbetto I made way back in 2011, the Red Bow Top. My notes to myself at the time were to "[c]ut a size larger, or maybe extend the length of the straps. The darts sit a little high, and the armholes are still a little tight." I did that with this verision, cutting a size larger through the shoulders, extending the length and lowering the darts. I think the fit is generally improved, but it bunches weirdly across the front at times, especially under a blazer.

Or that might be a result of the fabric being too crisp and not drapey enough. One thing is for sure, this fabric wrinkles like crazy, and I tend to avoid wearing this top as I don't want to go through the pain of ironing it!!

Having said that, I think it was the first me-made item that I have worn to work, and it is in my regular rotation of work tops. It is nice tucked into a pencil skirt. So I guess it is a success :) Now that I have improved the fit, I look forward to making another sorbetto in a drapier fabric that doesn't drive me crazy!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Apple of my Eye Blouse

While my blog might not reflect it, I have been relatively productive in terms of sewing this year, with around 19 unblogged projects sitting in my wardrobe. However, while my finished items look like this:

My activities are really more like this:

So I decided to remedy this and make myself some work tops! This is the third and most successful of my attempts, being a Sewaholic Pendrell in an apple print polyester I got from Spotlight years ago (I have the same fabric in an orange colourway and would LOVE to use it as a lining in a jacket or blazer that I can wear at the same time as the top :P). 

The details:
Fabric: Apple print polyester from Spotlight
Pattern: Sewaholic Pendrell, view B
Size: Size 8 
Special touches and alterations: None

I think compared to the other work tops I sewed, it's success is mainly due to the fabric being relatively un-wrinklable, and being stable and easy to work with.

It went together relatively easily, so I don't have much to say, except that I disliked the way the neckline binding was attached. Somehow by the time I folded it in half and sewed it into the neckline with the required seam allowance, it was so thin and bulky I found it very fiddly to sew on in a way that covered all the seam allowance, and wish I'd just attached it like regular bias binding. I had the same issue with my Belcarra so not sure if it's just me or it's meant to be that way... You can't tell by looking at it though, it actually turned out quite neat looking :)

Other than that, I cut a size 8 and sewed it up with no adjustments. I was surprised I didn't have to lengthen it, and it has quite a deep hem which I love!

I've already worn this to work once and despite being a bit self conscious of all the frills I think it worked well. I'd like to try a version with the pleated sleeves, which might be a bit more subtle!

I'd just like to finish with a shout out to my awesome friend Siobhan who blogs at Chronically Siobhan  (which you must check out as she is an amazing writer and seamstress) for getting me back on my blog by reminding me not everything in life has to be perfect, least of all blog photos :)