Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The I Don't Give a Strap Set

The first lingerie set I ever made was the Watson set by Cloth Habit, several years ago. Since then, I've made at least 10 lingerie sets for myself, the latest being this strappy lace set made with the Harriet bra pattern by Cloth Habit and the updated Ava briefs pattern by Ohhh Lulu.

The details:
Fabric: Black lace from Mint Frog on Etsy, cup lining and powermesh from Booby Traps, black Lycra and stretch mesh from Lincraft.
Notions: Elastics and strapping from Booby Traps, underwires from Lincraft, rings and sliders from sewingcraftnotions on Etsy
Pattern: Harriet bra by Cloth Habit and Ava briefs by Ohhh Lulu 
Size: 30DD for Harriet, and S for Ava
Special touches and alterations: Removed some volume from upper cup of Harriet. Combined views A and B of the Ava pattern.

This is my second Harriet bra, and I think I've nailed the fit. I used a size 38 underwire with the 30DD size bra. I had pinched a little volume out of at the top of the cup, based on the fit of my first Harriet, and this seems to have done the trick of removing the cup wrinkling I was having in my last version.
The cups are made of black cup lining with a lace overlay on the bottom cup pieces. The front frame is two layers of cup lining, the outer frame is cup lining overlayed with lace, and the band is powermesh. I used piping elastic for the top of the frame and cups, and some gold rings and sliders for the straps. I bought a hundred of each of the gold rings and sliders, as I love the look of gold, and it matches everything, so I use them on almost every set I make!
I don't actually remember why I used one layer of beige cup lining and one layer of black for the front of the bridge.... I'm sure I had a good reason at the time? In hindsight I wish I had just used two layers of black but let's just call it a "design feature"...
The underwear is the updated Ava briefs pattern, which now comes with instructions for a lace overlay, plus a pattern variation with these sexy cutouts. I love it! I decided to do both variations, as I really wanted the look of the cutouts but also wanted to use some lace to visually tie the underwear to the bra. The front is a stretch mesh with the black lace overlay, the back is just a black Lycra. I finished them off with fold over elastic, and used the gold rings and sliders as in my bra.
At first I wasn't convinced I loved the underwear - they are much higher waisted than what I'm used to, and it took a bit of fiddling to get the straps at a comfortable length. I have to loosen the straps when I want to take them off or go to the bathroom as well, as on the tighter setting the straps don't quite stretch over my hips!
However, after I got used to them, this set quickly became one of my favorites. I love how modern and edgy it looks, but with the lace and high waist there's something classic about it at the same time.
I think the high waist and cutouts make for a very flattering pair of underwear, as well! Wins all around. If you haven't tried the Harriet or Ava patterns yet, I highly recommend you give them a go!


  1. Looks awesome! It fits you perfectly, and is a really nice pattern combination.

    1. Thank you! I love it too, already planning my next variation :D

  2. You sew and combine materials like a pro, really love your set!

    1. Aww thanks :) Still a way to go before I am a pro but I enjoy the learning process ;)