Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The Four Calling Birds Dress

There are a few more than four birds on this dress, but I thought it was a fitting name given that its first outing was on Christmas Eve last year! (And yes it has taken me that long to get around to posting it!)

The details:
Fabric: Drapey blue synthetic from Spotlight
Pattern: Colette Myrtle 
Size: S
Special touches and alterations: I took out the side seams by about 1cm each during construction as the bodice was feeling a bit tight! I used contrasting red bias binding for the back armholes and neckline.

I have had this fabric for who knows how long.... it is a pretty dusty blue with a texture of irregular swiss-like dots and a floral and avian print. Given the drapey qualities of the fabric, I thought the cowl neck of the Colette Myrtle pattern was a good match!
I had had my sewing machine recently serviced when I was sewing this, and disappointingly some oil ended up leaking on the dress as a result! However, after a good wash the stains seem to have come out.Other than that mishap, this came together pretty easily. I did almost give up after trying on the bodice early in the construction process and finding it quite tight, but taking out the side seams and lowering the armholes a little helped. The back neckline and armholes are finished in a bright red bias tape that doesn't match any colours in the print, but I didn't have any bias tape in orange (my natural choice with the print) and I thought the red would do nicely :)
I would still like a bit of extra space across my back, so I would probably sew a size up if I made it again, as well as increasing the length of the bodice. I have a long torso! Of course, this time around I did make it in a woven, and while the pattern states it can be made in either, I get the impression it was really designed for a knit fabric, which might fix the sizing issue.
I do usually wear the dress with a belt, I don't love the look of the elastic waistband, but didn't want to hide that detail for these photos! All in all, it's an elegant dress and I love the fabric. I think it hits that sweet spot between summer dress and fancy dress, and I'm looking forward to getting some more wear out of it in the coming months!


  1. Such a lovely dress. The fabric has a lovely drape to it.

    1. Thanks! I wish I had more of it - I think it would make a great blouse :)