Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The Tea Dance Dress

It's well and truly into the warmth of spring now here in Melbourne, and with that seems to come an abundance of picnics, weddings, hen's parties and other parties, many of which are held outdoors to make the most of the beautiful weather.  It's times like these that I want to have a wardrobe full of light floral dresses that sit somewhere in between "casual" and "dressy". This Sewaholic Lonsdale dress perfectly fits the bill! I first wore it to a tea dance, hence the title :)

This fabric was something I had had sitting around for a while (common story with me!). I'm not sure exactly what the content of it is, but it is lovely and soft and floaty. Purple is my favourite color, and I liked the botanical pattern, so I was really crossing my fingers and hoping I would like the dress... and I did!I love the simple shape of this dress, and the interest that the neckline adds. Feminine and flattering!
The details:
Fabric: Purple botanical print cotton blend from Spotlight
Pattern: Sewaholic Lonsdale
Size: Size 6 
Special touches and alterations: I made view A, but skipped the pockets, stitched the straps directly to the bodice instead of making the loops
I decided to simplify the straps and stitched them straight to the bodice, rather than creating the tie-strap system the pattern is designed to have. This involved sewing the straps and front of the bodice, then turning it right-side out, tying the knot at the front of the straps, and pinning the straps to the back between the outside fabric and lining, before turning it inside out again to sew the lining to the back of the bodice (less complicated than I probably made it sound!).
I accidentally sewed the zip in too low when I was inserting it, and I was too lazy to rip it out and redo it, so I simply turned the bodice in at the back above the zip to make a small V and handstitched to the inside of the dress. The hem was just turned up twice and machine stitched in place.I made this before I got my overlocker and the insides were finished with a combination of pinking, and zig-zag stitching. Not the prettiest, but it has held up over several washes now!
I know a lot of people are crazy for pockets, and they may hate me for this but.... I'm not super into pockets and didn't add any in this dress! My phone and wallet are both too big to put into a pocket with out creating a weird bulge or dragging the garment down with the weight, so I always carry a handbag.  And I'll tell you a little secret - I'm pretty lazy. One less pattern piece to trace is always good, even if it's a small one, right?!

So that's my Lonsdale dress! I really love it and always get compliments on it when I wear it. If only the weather was warm enough to wear it all year round :)

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