Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The Puttin' On The Glitz Skirt

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this creation already. This was my outfit for the Puttin' on the Glitz ball that was held a little while ago in the beautiful San Remo ballroom here in Melbourne, organised by Modern Jive Melbourne.

The details:
Fabric: Sequin fabric from Randyfabrics on Etsy, and a polyester lining fabric from Lincraft
Notions: Zip and hook and eyes from my stash
Pattern: Self-drafted
When the ball was originally announced it clashed with another event I had on. Luckily though, the other event changed dates, leaving me free to attend the ball. The only question then was: what to wear??
I bought this amazing sequined fabric from Randyfabrics on Etsy before I had decided what to do with it. With all the sequining I wanted something simple, and I didn't want anything too restrictive for dancing. I had the crazy idea of making a Fantail skirt by Scroop patterns, but when I asked Leimomi about it she didn't think the pattern would work with a border print.
When the fabric arrived, I decided to just wing it! I was thinking something panelled and long and swooshy, maybe with some pleating. I decided to start by cutting the panels for the front and back, two long tall a trapezium shapes, to centre the print. From that I pretty much just continued to cut triangular and trapezium panels until all my fabric was used up, and stitched them into two semi-circular shapes, before attaching the front to the back. I cut the same shapes from some lining and tacked the sequin fabric to the lining. 
I used a different ball dress (unblogged) to determine the length of the skirt, and chopped it off at the top leaving some seam allowance for the waistband and for the hem. I then just added a couple pleats to the front and back to fit it to my waist, added a rectangular internal waistband and a zip, and hemmed it.
Somewhat simple, but there were a few hurdles along the way. Firstly, when the fabric arrived it had a rip through about half a meter of it. I didn't have time to get more sent to me, but the shop did refund me for a yard.
I also had some issues sewing through the sequin fabric. It was fine at first, but by the time I had pleats in it and was trying to topstitch the layers on the waistband, I ended up breaking about 4 needles :O Of course this was happening after midnight on the night before the ball.... But I got through it. I paired the skirt with a black bodysuit and my outfit was complete!
Due to time constraints the skirt was finished in a major hurry, so I will not show you the insides or the hem in detail. There was also a lot of topstitching. But luckily the sparkly sequins are a great distraction from the imperfections, and I got nothing but compliments all night. Now I just need to figure out where else I can wear this to.... It's too gorgeous to leave hanging in my wardrobe!!


  1. Gorgeous skirt. Well done on such short notice.👍
    Super talented and inspiring . Keep it up.
    Happy sewing xx

    1. Awww, thanks! It was actually pretty easy to put together but the fabric choice makes it look so much more complicated :)