Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The Romancing the Stone Set

My Christmas tree is up, almost all my Christmas shopping is done, and I'm making plans for Christmas lunch. It is well and truly December, and I thought this festive green lingerie set would be appropriate to share, although I made it a few months back.

The details:
Fabric: Stretch mesh and lycra from Spotlight, dyed Forrest Green with Dharma acid dye
Notions: Elastics and hok and eye from Booby Traps, rings and sliders from sewingcraftnotions on Etsy
Pattern: Josephine bralette, view A and Nora briefs, view A,  both from Ohhh Lulu 
Size: S in the Josephine and M in the Nora 
Special touches and alterations:Took 0.5cm off the side seams of the Josephine
The bralette is the Josephine by Ohhh Lulu, and the briefs are the Nora, also by Ohhh Lulu. I made view A in the bra and view A in the briefs.
This was another experiment in dying. I dyed some stretch mesh, Lycra, elastics and the hook and eye using Forrest Green acid dye by Dharma. I was expecting a darker color, but was happy with the cooler, faded green that came out.
Construction was straightforward. I made my usual size for Ohhh Lulu, and the fit is ok, but the briefs do have a bit of saggy butt syndrome going on. This might partly be that the gusset of the briefs seems particularly wide, causing it to buckle and wrinkles to form in that area. I would narrow it next time. I took 0.5cm off the side seams of the Josephine prior to construction, as I felt like I wanted a tighter fit than some of my previous bralettes, but didn't want the shorted cup height that came with the XS size.
As with my Lady in Red set, the elastics on the side of the briefs are starting to fray slightly, and I'll probably need to zig zag over the edges to stop this. Not sure what's causing this, as I haven't had that issue with this elastic when I've used it elsewhere on lingerie. Maybe it is being rubbed more by my clothing during wear?
The fact it is fraying does show how much I wear this set though! It's one of my favorites. It's comfortable, and feels cool and sporty and has a slight 70's vibe. Fair to say I'm an Ohhh Lulu fan girl :)


  1. Beautiful set! I love all your handmade items and you model them so beautifully. (I am tempted to get the Josephine pattern now.)

    1. Thanks! It always feels awkward but I think it's nice to show what it looks like on a real body :) It's a nice pattern, I will be making it again for sure!