Wednesday, 3 January 2018

The Roses Are Red Dress

A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! After a week off, I am back with an oldie but a goodie - this dress has been sitting in my "to blog" list for a while now! I made it a few years ago now, when my partner and I got invited to a wedding of one of his friends. I was envisaging making something something floaty and full skirted to wear, but when I asked my partner's opinion, he said he was thinking something more 'sleek' and fitted... well, I had seen some great Georgia dresses made up by fellow bloggers, so I decided to try out the pattern.

The details:
Fabric: A rose print stretch cotton from Spotlight
Pattern: Georgia dress by By Hand London
Size: 6 at bust, 8 at waist and 10 at hips
Special touches and alterations: I cut the skinny strap and longer skirt variation, and ended up shortening the straps a little. I took in the dress by 5cm at each side seams from the waist to the hem, and 2cm off the back seams at the waist. I was also able to eliminate the zip due to the stretchy fabric I was using.

I was happy to find that this was one of the few By Hand London patterns available as a download at the time... cheaper pattern for me, and quick delivery! Since I bought this, they have introduced many more pdf patterns to their shop. The sticking together of the pieces of a pdf pattern is time consuming, but it's about equals to the time I would otherwise take to trace a printed pattern, so I figure it all balances out! The dress came together pretty easily. The hardest part of it was the pointy front section, and I'm afraid I sort of gave up on that part.... so it's not perfect. But the seam lines are hidden by the busy print of the fabric so I don't think it is super noticeable.
I wanted to get a nice close fit on this dress, so I kept trying it on, pinning bits in, and sewing them until I got the result I wanted. The paneled skirt made this step easier, as I could really take the excess from the right area. I ended up taking the most from the middle back, to account for my sway back, and through the width of the skirt. Next time I would probably go for a smaller size in waist and skirt, although the fit might be quite different in a less stretchy fabric. However, with the fabric I used, despite the amount I had taken the dress in, I was able to omit the zipper, I can just pull the dress on over my head! I wore the dress to the wedding and had a great time eating and dancing.
I like the retro-style of the dress, and wore it again to a Christmas party at my dance studio, and later to my 10 year high school reunion! A lot of my makes are created to cater for a specific event, but this is one I have successfully worn many times already, and is sure to be worn many more times yet.

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