Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The Waste Not Skirt

Another scrap-busting project this week! After the success of my Roses Are Red Dress, I decided to make a Georgia skirt! This was mainly because I had a bit of the fabric left over, and figured it would be better to use it up while I had it out than to put it back in the stash. I think once I have used a fabric, I tend not to want to use it again, even if there is plenty left over. My mentality is that I want to try something different each time! I decided to just go ahead and try to use up a bit more of this fabric while I was feeling motivated!

The details:
Fabric: A rose print stretch cotton from Spotlight
Pattern: Georgia dress
Size: Originally 8 in the waist, 10 in the hips, altered as noted in the Roses Are Red Dress post
Special touches and alterations: Cut off the pattern at the waist to make skirt, and made a straight waistband facing.
I don't know if it's odd to have a skirt and dress from the same pattern and in the same fabric, but I figured that while I loved the dress, the skirt would be something a bit more casual that I could wear more frequently (but see the end of the post for how that worked out!).
I started by taking the pattern pieces I had cut out for the original dress I made, and cutting them straight across at the waist. I also measured the amount I had taken in the original dress (as I had fitted it to my body), and adjusted the pattern pieces for the skirt accordingly. Once I had sewed up the skirt, I made some more adjustments by taking in seams here and there until I got the look I was after.
While I could get the Roses Are red Dress on without a zipper, I could only get it on over my head, and I didn't really want to have to put the skirt on over my head! I inserted the zipper I had bought to put in the dress in the side seam. It is longer than necessary, but it does the job. I also added a straight waistband, and boom, my skirt was done! It was a quick and easy project in the end.
The funny thing was, although I was really excited to make the skirt, and I thought it would be more wearable than the dress, I haven't worn it in real life yet, despite wearing the dress multiple times! I will have to play around with some different styling and see if I can make it feel more "me", as I don't really wear printed skirts generally. I think I had a similar problem with my Blueberry Meringue. Maybe I should steer clear of printed skirts in the future!


  1. It looks great. I would give it a few more months and if you haven't worn it by then donate it to a friend or charity shop x

    1. Great idea! I love it in theory, but no point holding on to it if I'm not going to wear it :)