Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The Disappointing Dragonfly Top

I've still never had a major major sewing fail (knock on wood) but this is probably the closest. This top was never perfect, but now after washing it a few times it has unfortunately developed a hole at the centre front neckline where the facing has pulled away from the front. Maybe I clipped the seam allowances too small, and I certainly should have done something to reinforce that area, in hindsight.

The details:
Pattern: McCall 9500
Fabric: Dragonfly print rayon from Spotlight
Size: 14
Special touches and alterations: Took in side seams by 2cm on each side, and took 6cm off the depth of the front neckline split.
I could probably fix the hole, but I was never in love with this top so I'm not sure it is worth the effort. The fabric is a soft rayon from Spotlight, and the fit was generally what I wanted, but that collar!! I just can't make it play nice. It sits crookedly and pulls the neckline weirdly. I feel like I should have increased the size of the neckline and used a stiffer interfacing in the collar, but I'm not sure.
The pattern is a vintage/retro McCalls from an op-shop. I don't think my version has all the pieces for all the views available, so I looked through the pattern pieces I did have and went with view F. I noticed the neckline slit is designed to be quite deep, so I took it up 6cm to make this top more work appropriate.
It came together quickly and easily. I wish I liked it. I do have a bit of this fabric left over so I may attempt it again using that and whatever I can recover from this top. Or I might just remove the collar from this one and try to make it a v-neck top? I think I like that option...
For now it has sadly been discarded into my scrap fabric drawer. I will report back if and when I decide to try to salvage it!

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  1. Your top looks lovely on you. Sometimes we are extremely hard on ourselves and our sewing. We must learn to love our makes and wear them proudly, remembering that perfection is not always the goal.