Wednesday, 21 March 2018

The Speculative Shrug

The pattern for this shrug popped up in my blog reader a while ago, from Yoshimi the Flying Squirrel. I was on the hunt for Christmas gift ideas at the time, and it looked like something my mum would love, but of course I had to test it out by making myself a version first! I searched around for a lacey knit to make it with, and ended up buying three from StylishFabric on Etsy. One I used for this shrug, one I used to make mum a shrug, and another is still sitting in my stash :)

The details:
Fabric:This knit from StylishFabrics
Pattern: Saki shrug from Yoshimi the Flying Squirrel
Size: Used the measurements as described
Special touches and alterations: None
The finished shrug was a little smaller than I would have liked, so I enlarged it when making my mum's version. In particular, the cuffs are a bit tight! But my mum's version ended up nice and drapey, so I would do that again if I were making another one.
It was a nice easy pattern to put together, all rectangles! I just used a straight stitch to put it together and a zigzag stitch to finish the seams. If you want an easy to sew shrug that looks effortless and modern, I highly recommend giving this a go! Just pick your favourite drapey knit fabric, and you are sure to end up with something pretty :)