Wednesday, 4 April 2018

The Team Spirit Set

This set was a somewhat spontaneous make after completing my Marlborough and Hipster Briefs set. I had quite a bit of the lace left over, and I had been meaning to give the Ohhh Lulu Romy bra a go, so I decided this was the perfect opportunity.

The details:
Pattern: Ohhh Lulu Romy bra and Ohhh Lulu Lola briefs
Fabric: Lycra from Spotlight and lace from MintFrog on Etsy
Notions: Elastics, strapping and hook and eye from Booby Traps; rings and sliders from sewingcraftnotions on Etsy
Size: S in the Romy and M in the Lola
Special touches and alterations: Made the 'bonus' strappy variation of the Romy altered to have lace on the bottom cup, and made a combination of views B and C for the Lola
To give the lace a different look from the last time I used it, I decided to pair it with a deep coloured lycra, and ended up with this rich navy colour by dying my fabrics and notions with the Dharma dark navy acid dye. I dyed my elastics and straps deep maroon to match the lace, and I love the combination of the two colours.
I decided to go with a hybrid view of the Romy, choosing to make the strappy bonus view, but using lace on the lower cup. For the briefs, I decided to try the Lola briefs again, this time going for a combination of views B and C.
Mixing the two views of the Lola might not have been the best idea, as the lace did not provide a great attachment point for the strappy detail, but I learned my lesson from the first set and used clear elastic along each of the edges of the lace, which I think was particularly necessary for this set. I think this really helps avoid the lace being pulled forward at that attachment point.
As I was making it for some reason it reminded me of a high school sports uniform? It does have a somewhat sporty vibe. But I do really love the finished set and have been wearing it frequently. This was my second set from my January underwear making spree, keep your eye out for the third set in the next few weeks!


  1. Ooooh I love this set! The strapping detail is really cool. I need to get out my Ohhh lulu pattern and try this!

    1. Thank you! Do it, they are quick to make up and great to wear :)